About Us

Thatsitaliano.it offers “certified” typical Italian products.

We are motivated by our passion and by our vast knowledge in Mediterranean cuisine and Italian food and we want to supply “certified” quality and provenance products outside of Italy.

Aware of the fact that Italy presents a heterogeneous multitude of excellent food producers who are capable of creating unique and worldly appreciated products, we have built thatsitaliano.it, an international website to trade and advertise only certified and very high quality Italian products.

At thatsitaliano.it, clients have the certified guarantee of finding a selected offer, thanks to conscious choices of artisan producers in singular territories of rigorously Italian products, whose quality is so high to be appreciated by the most demanding consumers.

Considering the offer of only DOP, IGP; DOC products essential, the service levels we can guarantee our potential clients, with fast shipping in a few working days following the order placement date and with exceptionally low shipping prices, is tailored to the quality of the products we offer.

Products may be bought both in suggested and freely personalized formats; furthermore, it is possible to ask for quotes for any quality or particular selection of products, both via email……. or by telephone ……. which will be given immediately.

In the case of the request of very specific products, we can dedicatedly research them for our clients offering a personalized purchase.

So with a simple click you will find yourselves in the various Italian regions rich in highest quality typical products, which in a few days, can make your table overflow with their fragrances and scents.